The supply chain planning focuses on creating a strategic deployment, planning inventory, and coordinating assets to optimize the delivery of products, services, and information that flows from suppliers to customers. The purpose of planning is to balance supply and demand, and provide the linkage to revenue planning in finance domain.

The typical supply chain planning included:

Sales and Operation Planning

Sales and Operation Planning is “a process that directs operations strategically to continuously gain a competitive advantage through integration of customer-oriented marketing plans, both for new and existing products and supply chain management. This process gathers all the business plans (sales, marketing, new product development, manufacturing, purchasing, and finance) into a single planning cluster.” – APICS, (The Association for Operations Management)

This process is critical for manufacturers in terms of reaching high-level supply chain performance, however, most companies do not possess well designed and/or properly applied sales and operational processes.

Demand Planning

Considering the increase in customer demand and intensifying competition within markets, the importance of supply chain management and its complexity is multiplied. As balancing procurement and demand includes uncertainty, this becomes a critical challenge.

The basis of the problem is composed of uncertainty and the complexity of consumer behavior as well as the recent increase in demand for customized products. Due to ever-changing customer needs, supplying products in the requested amount and quality is getting harder every day

Supply Planning

Supply planning is the entire planning process which includes distribution, manufacturing, and procurement operations according to demand forecasts, considering capacity constraints and material availability. The goal of the process is planning supply that would satisfy the demand for the product/service offered in the best way possible.


From our view, the vital to make demand supply harmony is to make integrated planning, and our services will focus this principle to dig out the pain points and propose design for overcome them:

- Accessing the ability to gather data and connecting the planning functions of each department

- Insight into how each part of the supply chain is working individually and as a whole

- Evaluating the visualization of demand supply status to broadly stakeholder


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