Companies today face increasing pressure to maximize technology investments amidst digital disruption. Enterprise architecture and business transformation's solution is to transform business vision and strategy into effective organizational change.

Enterprise architecture continues to evolve from its roots in information technology management to a strategic discipline for the entire enterprise by preparing experienced IT and enterprise architecture professionals for leadership in transformative business strategies. Enterprise architecture is recognized today as a critical enabler of business transformation and has evolved into a bridge that links business strategy with tactical execution.

The EA approach produces several things of value to the organization:

  • a clear understanding of the strategic requirements of the enterprise
  • models of the future state, which illustrate what the enterprise should look like across all viewpoints in support of the business strategy
  • a road map of the change initiatives required to reach that future state
  • the requirements, principles, standards, and guidelines that will steer the implementation of change initiatives

Our business transformation services adopt the Enterprise Architecture good practice, built EA model system to guide the business transformation, we called the Enterprise Ascendent Methodology (EAM) approach. The path from the current to desired future enterprise state is derived from strategic organizational/technological analysis. The EAM approach improves organizational efficiency, effectiveness, and agility by delivering holistic business-aligned and digitally-focused systems.