Our services are goal-oriented, supported by data, and conducted with methodology to realize business value step by step. The service areas include the business transformation service to help enterprise growth, the optimization service with data-driven quantitative analysis, and the prediction model customization service for time-series forecasting. Click the menu on the left to learn more about each service.

Global Business Design

In recent years, for many mainland Chinese companies, they have faced pressure to expand their business to the global market. To make the global market expansion become profitable growth, business design needs to take care of the following tasks: 

Inventory Optimization

For better or for worse, inventories lie at the bottom of these complex supplychains. The central question of how much inventory is needed, and where it is needed, is often an endless debate among colleagues. Especially when the game of politics drives decisions.

Sales Forecasting

Within all supply chains lies the question of planning. The better we evaluate the future, the better we can prepare ourselves. The question of future uncertainty, how to reduce it, and how to protect yourself against this unknown has always been crucial for every supply chain.