When enterprise executives try to make decisions for a transformation project, they always have varied concerns in their mind.  From our experience of previous projects, those concerns are mainly due to many uncertainties. We summarize and share the frequently asked questions and our answers here to help companies to make business transformation decisions easier. 

1.What is Business Transformation?

Business Transformation is an enterprise change through the use of digital technologies and business modelling to improve business performance or bring new business to growth.

2. How can the company get the right people to the transformation project?

The business transformation project mainly driven by people and changing the people, the company need to get the right people from beginning, particularly in design phase,  the strong leadership from top management team, and committed the time to the project, the right people include the subject matter experts from business domain, the strong project governance people to capture and keep track the key business capabilities requirements to support business value realization.

3. How to build up the momentum for the project team?

Engage the right resource is one steps to success, how to build up momentum continuously is crucial to project success. Although each company has their unique cultural source, we have some common suggestion to build up good momentum:

 a). Make a clear guideline for the project

 Staring from project mobilization, priority to build up the ground rule for the project, anchor the transformation project management by project chapter, firmly secure the project management central of excellent (COE) team with both the company and consulting resources.

 b). Identify readiness early

The business transformation project takes time to implementation, how to best keep the engagement levels up, particularly after the design phase. In our approach, through the Capability Maturity Assessment to identify the required elements for next milestone.

 c). Preparing the deployment from day one

Deployment is the actual steps to realize the business transformation, this can never start too early.

 d). Build confidence progressively

People getting more confidence when they know more. In our transformation approach, we have “show and tell” before key milestone, demonstrations to help to show the solution decisions at right level of details. Not just build up the business transformation required knowledge to the project core team, also cascade the process and solution design to broadly extend team.

4.How to get the competitive prices from consulting vendor?

The business transformation services is different than purchasing physical goods, the strong commitment from consulting company is key, hiring the big consulting company doesn’t mean the increasing the success rate in your business transformation project. We suggest to using “Price x Quality” formular to assess the consulting service provider. Price is always important, the project scope has link to service scope, hence directly link to Price. The company really need to focus what is real requirements that you are expecting the consulting provider when negotiating the service contract.

The Quality is another aspect of project, only the quality works can help the company to reach the transformation target, in most of case, the quality of services replies on the consultant’s skills and the professional way to manage the project.

5. How to manage the requirement variance when project move forward to design phase?

For the big transformation project, it is common to have variance when project moving forward, particularly in detail design phase, it could cause by business environment change, or unforeseen business constraints been discovered. Managed the variance is part of the business transformation project journey. In our Enterprise Ascending Methodology, we will have business capabilities setup as the baseline when moving to design phase, and keep track in tool system, whenever there has variance requirement raise, we can quickly identify the consequence impacts on process, data, organization, or applications. It can help design authority to make decision quickly and effectively.

Obviously, each company has its own unique environment when making business transformation decisions. With professional guiding service from a consulting service company, the company can make the business transformation decision quicker and smarter to achieve its transformation objectives.