Our data-driven business consulting focuses on time-series data prediction and simulation.

Managing Indoor Air Quality with AI Prediction

Integrate the IoT Sensor with Cloud

MLOps - get start to build production AI

The rise of artificial intelligence has become omnipresent in recent years, state-of-the-art models are open-sourced on a daily basis and companies are fighting for the best data scientists and machine learning engineers, all with one goal in mind: creating tremendous value by leveraging the power of AI. Sounds great, but reality is harsh as generally only a small percentage of models make it to production and stay there.


What exactly is MLOps?

When it comes to a definition for MLOps, we believe Google’s definition is spot on:

About Us

EWOTA was established in 2011 in Hong Kong. Our mission is to drive new technologies to business values. With that objective, we focus on:

  • Data-driven business consulting services to uncover insights and power data with machine learning algorithms
  • Smart IoT sensor integration with cloud to empower AI capabilities

We commit our best efforts to delivering valuable and innovative services to our clients.

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