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3D Printing (AM) Process

AM(Additive Manufacturing) process service:

You are expert in your design,  we do have experience to deal with the copper printing,  from the new copper alloy powder manufacturing,  to fine tune parameters for printing part in laser sintering machine.

With today's additive manufacturing, it can benefit you as the designer in your domain to get these advantages:

  • Function-oriented design of parts
  • Combination and integration of multiple functions
  • Lightweight-design saves material
  • Print an assembly in one piece
  • Immediate manufacturing without additional tools
  • Fast time-to-market

Our printing service will help you to select the right parts, optimize their design,  and make sure you will get your 3D printed metal part of your design.

Starting with the functional analysis of your application, thus we find the best way to build your design design, afterwards we will prove feasibility by manufacturing your design,  finally have the printed part ship to your location. Meanwhile our knowledge transfer on design rule will enable you to optimize your part design, so that you can continue take advantage of additive manufacturing for batch products as well as for the future prototype design parts.

Contact us when you have ideas, we will find a solution to realize your idea!