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Tencent Cloud

Our cloud solution default using Tencent cloud platform.  Tencent cloud are supporting the giant application like QQ, Wechat  etc.  It has proven technical advantage and robust infrastructure for commerce use.

Building smart solution on top of Tencent Cloud is the right choice for you.  Tencent Cloud has package its capabilities as out-of-box offers to commerce users.


A one-stop website construction service that can fully satisfy your demands and provide a variety of solutions from website deployment to operation, enabling you to deliver websites and web applications.


By means of Tencent's powerful technology platform, we can build up comprehensive video services include VOD, LVB, interactive LVB and Instant Messaging.


With Tencent cloud's global infrastructure, the new games owner can much easily to promote them globally.

Wechat Ecosystem

Powder with Tencent's massive-user businesses, it can have exclusive and customized services for  Wechat Ecosystem

Live Broadcasting Security

It provides fours essential and critical capabilities to LVB industry - pornographic LVB, porn redirection, sexuality detection and malicious text, to ensure business running healthy.