With net-zero and zero-carbon becoming strategic targets in many countries, the energy industry is entering into the revolution era. Distributed energy resources and digitalized energy management have become popular. 

Our ePredictor solution was born to smarter the distributed microgrid with A.I. prediction for energy demand and supply. By connecting the microgrid components with an onsite local EP Box, we can get the running information in microgrid, for example,  the near real-time energy storage capacity from the battery system, the inverter status, the coming energy supply etc.

Powered by our advanced time-series prediction capabilities run on the cloud, ePredictor can quickly learn the microgrid energy usage pattern with historical data, and can push back the prediction model to local EP Box for predicting both the energy demand and supply in local microgrids. Here is the overall diagram showing our solution in microgrid.



Our solution can fit with the existing open solar and storage application and energy management systems through standard interfaces. Which can protect the client's existing investment. Meanwhile, we also built up a partnership with some key players in microgrid hardware devices, to provide the end-to-end solution for an elastic microgrid project. 

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