Supply chain network optimization focuses on network design processes such as the location of warehouse facilities, the flow of products to and from suppliers and customers, and all the strategic objectives of manufacturing operations, including demand forecasting, supply establishment, planning, and scheduling. 

Some questions that are commonly evaluated in this phase are:

  • How do I design my supply chain network to deliver the required service at the lowest possible cost?
  • Given a fixed network, how do I determine optimal product sourcing and inventory deployment rules to meet anticipated customer demand?
  • Given a logistics network and a defined distribution strategy  how can I best use my available transportation resources?

The end goal is to create the most efficient network possible, meet the demand of customers, and ensure the lowest possible cost to serve your network.

Our service in this phase includes:

  • Studying the market that company is in.
  • Taking into consideration the strategic decision of company executives and future volume predictions.
  • Modeling different variables and models, such as your distribution centers, store network, and possible routes to serve those stores, company products and offers, future volume predictions etc. 
  • Evaluating the model and assessment.
  • The supply chain network design.